About us
1. History:

Began operations in 1980, SINSPEC offers support critical services for Singapore, known as one of the world's leading container ports.

We service the containers and owns the largest operators in the world in a professional manner.

Inspector team of professionals around the world including our more than 250 people all training and coaching by international standards and professional certificates confirmed by IICL. This are helping us provide a range of support services to manage and control costs effectively M & R customers.

Centers are located in the Asia - Pacific, where recognized as the fastest growing area in the world, according to the legal maximum SINSPEC sat evolution and competition in the container industry. Therefore we can provide an important link with other regions in the world.
2. Brand:

We have worked long years in this field all over the world, ensure provide perfect service for you. To achieve that, we have overcome many difficulties by continually exchange and constantly renewed.

SINSPEC system uses sophisticated computers to store data that the client is then provided in progress reports which will help M & R management. When you need our inspection, we will do better than that!

Clients always receive an invoice with the full information needed from us in order to minimize the time to verify this information. We understand that your time is money!

Safe working environment

bizSafe level 3 www.wshc.gov.sg

an employer is responsible to society, SINSPEC commitment to ensure the safety and health of workers at the workplace. Our primary goal is to fabricate the safety and health of employees, resources are regarded as important and highest priority at our. Thanks to the review and implementation of labor safety systems during our activities, SINSPEC BizSafe won the 4 level 3 in June 2009.

Risk management system (RMS) our request:

  •     Mischance review of all the work activities and business.
  •     Notifications of these risks to those who have been involved.
  •     Control and risk monitoring.

Every company cares about safety issues, but as a leader in the industry, we have a responsibility to establish standards under which safe environment is built, maintenance and continuous improvement on the basis of development.

ISO - Quality Management

SINSPEC achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification in November 2007

ISO 9001 is the quality management standard is widely recognized around the world.

We have achieved the certification of ISO 9001 international standards demonstrate long term commitment to our quality and customer satisfaction.

With our ISO certification are evaluated every year (until January 11, 2008), but customers and our members can be proud to say that SINSPEC generated and maintained to provide the highest quality serving of the product to customer satisfaction in all phases of the process of our business.

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Sincerely SINSPEC and look forward to working with you!

Director: Nguyen Ngoc Qui

Mobile: 0984 80 77 88



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MST: 0312033593

Tel: (028) 6292 6728 - Hotline: 0974 87 29 50_Mr. Hai

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Website: http://www.sinspec.com.vn
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